ADHD Services Overview

The most effective and sustainable treatment is a multi-disciplinary program.

Basic Treatment WheelThe 8 components of that program comprise what we call the Living ADDventure® Basic Treatment Wheel. At the core of each component is Powerful Affirming Love, a vital ingredient.

The ADHD Coach facilitates and even includes some of the components besides the Coaching component. For instance, medication is monitored and is fed back to the prescribing doctor to ensure optimal benefit.

Wherever possible, the entire family is involved in the treatment. Non-ADHD family members are taught to change how they deal with the ADHD. In most cases, at least one parent has ADHD as well, so treatment can sometimes be combined – not shared.

We start right at the beginning - asking the question, “what are we dealing with here?”

This applies not only to the person who is suspected of having ADHD, or has been diagnosed with the condition, but also what the family dynamics are in terms of ADHD.In the case of primary school children we will work with the school and teachers.

Working with teenagers and young adults we are careful in working with the schools and other tertiary education institutions. We tend to work with the appropriate psychologists or student care departments.

A treatment plan using the Living ADDventure® Basic Treatment Wheel is created and implemented. Click here to see a detailed explanation of the Basic Treatment Wheel.

The treatment plan is supplemented by training courses, valuable documents, books, audio clips, and posters

A Whole New ADD-Venture For Us

The UK is leaving the European Union, the Scots want to leave the UK, Donald Trump wants Mexicans and Muslims to leave the US and Living ADDventure® has left KwaZulu-Natal.

riverraftSizedIt's a long story, but in short, Pat's sister died just before Christmas and Pat took over her job as manager of Paddle Power - a river rafting company on the Crocodile River, just outside Hartebeespoort Dam in North West Province.

I had always said that I could live anywhere provided two things were in place - Pat, and reasonable ADSL to coach via Skype. That boast is now being put to the test here in Broederstroom.

Read more: A Whole New ADD-Venture For Us

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Thank you for your payment.

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davepenA warm welcome to the Living ADDventure® website. I am Dave Pughe-Parry, the founder of Living ADDventure®

This site is for people who live with or alongside ADHD, and is written and curated by people who have ADHD.

There's lots to read and digest here.

Our aim is assist those who live with - and/or alongside ADHD. ADHD is not an easy condition, it’s also not a quiet condition - except when it is. See what I mean.

The articles, illustrations, audio and video clips in the site will help you to understand your own ADHD, or the ADHD of person you live with.

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