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ADHD Relationships

NonADHDI am the parent of an ADHD child, but I am also a non-ADHD spouse. Please can you help me with some tips to cope better as I am at the end of my tether?

RedfishSomebody once said to me that house guests are like fish. They go off after 3 days.

TearsA very dear friend who has ADHD burst into tears the other day while we were chatting. "Why do I fight with everybody?When I look back on my life, it has been filled with conflict", she wept.

young coupleQuestion: My daughter is dating a young guy who I suspect is also ADHD... they are both weird!!!! You know what I mean.

DistanceHere are a few common issues and potential challenges within marriages or other relationships that may happen with an ADDer (someone who has ADHD) and a non-ADDer.



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