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joana croft failureI was going to title this article ADHD and Money but then I realised that if you have ADHD you most likely will be too terrified to open it.

Hiring1There are good and bad career choices for those with ADHD. I say bollocks!

When we make statements like this we are assuming that everyone with ADHD is the same.

Amy Winehouse 2007The saturation shock news coverage of the nearly 100 people killed in Norway by a lone gunman was interrupted to announce that a giant musical talent had died in Camden England. Amy Winehouse died without anyone watching over her.

gorillaAttnSizedDeficit is a word that most of us associate with our money budgets - there never seems to be enough money. For an ADDer we never seem to have enough attention to pay to everything around us either.

FriendsThings I wish my friends/work colleagues knew. (From a female perspective, sorry guys don't know if you feel the same. Let us know).

cleaning 800pxHere are some really useful household tips for you to try to keep your ADHD home better managed.


  • Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster.



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