WebDevI hit my half century a few years ago, am old enough (nearly) to be some of these young IT geeks grandmothers and battle to programme the DVD player.

Ok a bit of an exaggeration perhaps as I am pretty competent at the front end of computers. However, I have never ever attempted software programming.

Why I decided to learn Joomla is a bit of a mystery other than I like a challenge and needed to add a new career to the 12 I have already have.

Dare I say it, I have found my true passion. This will probably make all my family and friends who have seen me lurch forth on a different tack every couple of years roll their eyes and say ""here we go again!"".

No truly.... this is it. My husband Dave has become a Joomla widower.

Yes I have ADHD and either hyperfocus or have the attention of a butterfly and right now I am totally 100% hyperfocused 24/7.

For those of you who are already saying ""no ways, can I do this I am useless at maths"", don't worry. It is a fallacy that you have to be an "A" maths student as I have proved. Although it was many many years ago I was also no maths boff. I got an "F" in matric and have not improved since.

Several years ago Dave created the LADD Website in Dreamweaver and as it got progressively bigger it became more difficult to maintain.

I soon took the plunge and started to create a Joomla site on XAMPP. For those non-geeks, Joomla is a FREE website development software package and XAMPP works on your local pc making it think it is a real web server out in the clouds. The difference between a Joomla type site and a Dreamweaver site is that Joomla is content driven and you can instantly upload stuff and visitors can add their comments and life moves even faster.

We finally decided to take the site live which I achieved 3 days late, but that is a whole other story.

ScreenKBSo what makes website development a great career for ADDers?

The software is FREE and as most ADDers don't have money it is a big bonus. Well, OK it is advisable if you are not a total geek to pay an expert to get you going and explain all the geekie terms and if you want things to work reasonably well it is a good idea to pay the ridiculously low amounts for the add ons and templates.

  • You learn planning skills as the site needs to work in an orderly way. Try to remember to do this before you start. ADDers do like to start in the middle or at the end but please curb this impulsivity if you can.
  • Once you get brave enough to open up the coded files you get a daily dose of humour from the developers. In between all the gobbledygook that make the software work, the geeks drop in all sorts of fun comments about how you will die if you mess with their stuff etc.
  • The possibilities for creativity are endless. Every imaginable gadget is available for you to try. If it doesn't work uninstall it and try something else.
  • When you get stuck as you often will (even the boffs get blank screens), just Google the error code. The Joomla community around the world comes together to post their problems and solutions in zillions of forums. This advice is all for free. Amazing. Everyone gives suggestions and advice freely. Of course you have to sift through it to find what works and doesn't. This aspect really appealed to me as an ADDer. I love to ferret out stuff.
  • Then of course there are the SECURITY ISSUES! My support consultant gave me 4 pages of EXCEL spreadsheet items to check on my pc and with my internet service provider to try to keep the hackers at bay. The FBI have nothing on Joomla programmers. By the time I left his office I had to put on my dark glasses and travel incognito with all this TOP security info locked away in my laptop bag. No spy was coming near my website.
  • All you need is loads of passion and enthusiasm and you are on your way to a satisfying career. Check out Joomla for more information.

Our website - like all websites - will always be a work in progress.

I am in Joomla heaven.

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