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WallclockSized2Are you forever in trouble for being late, missing appointments, forgetting loved one’s birthdays, losing documents and/or living in a pigsty? Can you find your desk under the piles of paper?

All those old love-letters, photos, school reports, certificates that are going mouldy in boxes in the garage. They are part of your family history. Why should you get rid of them but what will you do when you have to move to a smaller home?

ClutterDeskMedical information, wills, policy details, car insurance, birth certificates and all those other essential documents you need when tragedy or disaster strikes.

Where do you keep them so that they are accessible without someone having to turn the house upside down.

Getting rid of clothes, kitchen clutter, furniture and books is far easier than disposing of documents and memories.

We each have our own reasons that we would like to manage our lives better. Which of the following appeal to you?

Imagine if:

  • You could throw out all those boxes of stiffy disks, cds and dvds where you backed up your photos and documents but forgot to label them?

  • You could have all your study timetables, assignment and exam due dates easily accessible and synchronised so that you can schedule your fun time without feeling guilty?

  • You could actually find the guarantee document for your tv that has died 6 months after you paid a fortune for it?

  • You could locate that very important SMS the lawyer sent you and has since denied ever sending?

  • You didn’t have to keep updating and re-installing software on your compute

  • You could get rid of those piles of admin once and for all?

  • Or when you replace it or the hard drive crashes?

  • You could finally do a budget that you understand?

  • You could have all your e-mails from all your different e-mail addresses stored in 1 place that you can easily find?

  • You could take your time cataloguing and storing all your family memories in an organised way that you can share with your children and grandchildren in a form that will not make them roll their eyes and curse you for dumping "your junk" on them?

  • You could confidently e-mail, Skype and perhaps share photos with your children and grandchildren on Facebook?

  • You could write a letter, or write your memoirs or create a spreadsheet?

  • Return to the workplace with confidence that you can use technology without fear?

Of course I would, but I am hopeless with computers and I am terrified to learn. Everyone gets impatient with me; they rattle off these complicated terms and say it is so easy: left click here, right click there, swipe once, scroll down, open this folder, download this app, save it in the cloud. NO THANK YOU! It is hard enough to work this new fandangled cell phone my son bought for me.