Your child will never be labelled with a disorder like ADD or ADHD and he or she won’t use chronic medication … Labels are criminal acts." Fairlady magazine article February 2013 titled “Is Your Child So Stressed...” 

.. Yes ADD/HD and Autism are conditions but I hate to box people & attach labels…” E-mail from someone who sells supplements.

I have diabetes therefore I am a diabetic...

I have HIV therefore I am HIV+...

I have a dependency on drugs or alcohol therfore I am an addict... 

I have chronic depression therefore I am a depressive...

I have the genetic characteristics of an adult female therefore I am a woman...

Why is it acceptable to carry the above labels but not the label of ADD or ADHD? Why is there this terrible stigma attached to the most common of all neurological conditions?

Sadly because it all comes down to whether or not you are in favour of ADHD medication.BrainSized

I find this issue about labels baffling. When I was finally diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 51 it was a huge relief. At last I understood why I had done certain things in my life and I was now able to change my behaviour as I learned more about this complex condition. It is the same for so many of our clients who are diagnosed as adults. Lightbulbs pop on.

I accept that ADHD can be over-diagnosed but it is also under-diagnosed especially for those who are the day-dreamers or inattentive types. This is why a thorough and in-depth diagnosis is essential. It is not something that can be decided by a teacher or in a 15 minute appointment with a doctor.

One of the ways we help medical professionals to make the diagnosis is to get up to 6 different people who know the child or teen well to complete comprehensive questionnaires. These include parents, all teachers involved with the child and even extended family. This is to remove personal bias which so often leads to a mis-diagnosis.

Once we have the completed questionnaires we analyse the results excluding the extremes and produce a written report for the medical professional who is competent to diagnose ADHD. These reports are used in conjunction with other professional assessment tools and the DSM V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders Version 5) to confirm or exclude ADHD.

Living ADDventure ADHD treatment wheelIf the diagnosis confirms that the child/teen has ADHD a proper multi-disciplinary treatment plan can be put into place. The Living ADDventure® Treatment Plan includes medication but is only 1/8 of the whole process. If it is not ADHD then further investigations are made to determine the cause of the particular symptoms. 

Would you deny your child insulin or anti-retrovirals if they were diabetic or HIV+?

Would you not try to get the best help for your spouse or child if they had an addiction?

Labeling a medical condition is the only way to effectively treat that condition. You don't judge someone based on a label.

On the other hand, if you are treating someone but don’t know what you are treating them for, how can you measure the effectiveness of the product you are offering?