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CommerceAs parents we have very little protection from companies who want to sell you “stuff” to make your child better, or to “fix” your child’s behaviour. You are vulnerable, worried, and anxious about your child's future - an easy sell for greedy companies. 

ADHD - and non-ADHD children are being increasingly battered by powerful forces doing battle for profits. This is not new, but the intensity has increased in the recent past.

For reasons that have got lost in the murky detritus of commerce, ADHD has received far more attention - pardon the pun - than other conditions. Unfortunately it’s the wrong kind of attention. 

Two articles that have been published in the last week bring this issue into sharp focus.

medicine200Living ADDventure® did an online survey of our readers to establish what their opinions about when medication should be taken

JumpJoy200In case some of you are wondering about adult ADDers taking medication and wanting to know if it helps, I thought I'd give my experience...

Blue Tie SizedClient: I was one of those kids saved by Ritalin. I went off it at 15 . Now 37 I have very little concentration and focus in the work environment...

medsThere is nothing worse than getting sick or running out of your medication while on holiday. Here are some things to think about before you go away

Ritalin Pill"My 7 year old son doesn't want to take his Ritalin anymore. It makes him feel YUCK!" This is the gist of a post that went crazy on a Facebook page set up for locals in our area.

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