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approvalWhat does it mean to live a pragmatic lifestyle, and why is this so important for managing ADHD effectively?

Firstly, lets look at what the word pragmatic means. The venerable Oxford Dictionary says this, “Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.”

Managing ADHD effectively is essentially a practical endeavour, it’s something you do every day, all day.

There is some theory involved, but that is primarily in the form of principles, for instance, reducing the distractions that surround you.

You will find that reducing the distractions completely is impossible, the real world we live in doesn’t allow for that.

So you need to make some “pragmatic decisions” as to which ones you eliminate and which ones you manage as best you can.

Many parents - and adults - make decisions about managing their ADHD in an idealistic way. They will use words such as “like” and “idea” in their decision making. “I don’t like the idea of medication” is a good example.

Whether the idea is practical, or even desirable,is not even considered.

fish riceKathy Krog, a dietician from Westville Hospital in Kwa Zulu Natal Durban has some very wise and pragmatic advice about diet and nutrition for those who have ADHD.

CoffeebeansCoffee IS Good For You! The Study Says So! There are studies that prove that everything is both good and bad for you!

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