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eishIn plain language:-

EEIISSHH! We have been called many names but please understand our struggle...

The Musings of a Medical Professional who also has ADHD

ADHD is not a myth, not a mind game, we are not kids and adults who are just plain mad, sad or bad. We struggle against a medical, neurological condition, a brain short circuit in some areas! ADD makes it extra difficult for people of all ages not to miss out or to mess up in life.

We have trouble sticking to something:

  • Sticking to the instruction from mom, from the teacher, from the boss
  • Sticking to the chair at school or at the table or in the meeting
  • Sticking to the topic, in conversation, in an e-mail, on the net
  • Sticking to the homework, to the deadline, to the most important stuff
  • Sticking to the goal, sticking to the job, sticking to the marriage.

Window ViewWe are often caught up in a world of our own, in our thoughts, in our feelings, out the window.

We tend to get stuck on something else:

  • The toy instead of the toothbrush
  • The techno instead of the teacher
  • The sport instead of the studies
  • The home movies instead of the homework
  • The emotion instead of the notion
  • The fun instead of finishing.

We have high speed brains with bicycle brakes. A runaway train that struggles to stay on track.

We are often driven instead of driving ourselves:

  • We get driven to places we don't want to be and seldom get to places we really wanted to be, or intended to go to.
  • Driven to distraction.
  • Driven by impulse. Pushing the boundaries.

We often don't see the guardrails on the sides of the roads that protect us from danger or stop in time.

We struggle to stop and think!

  • stop what we were going to say
  • look before we leap
  • think before we act
  • wait when we want something.

The downhills are easy – when it's about the stuff we like doing but the uphills are a huge effort. The higher the hill, the slower we are to get going. Procrastinantion means we often don't even leave the station!