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Planning is going backwards so that you can go forward!

That just doesn't sound correct, but it is. We have to know what the goal is. In order to act, we must know what the intended result or outcome is. That is somewhere in the future.

As Pat said, last year was horrid. We knew we had to do something to change that, but what? This blog is a record of what we are doing to change our lives. Hopefully there will be something that will help you too.

Where We Were

We are convinced that our products and services are good. We know that because so many people tell us. The results of our work show the same results. So why can't we live reasonably on the fruits of our daily endeavours?

We think we know the answers to that, and they are too long and involved to go into here. They are also not relevant, as they are structural and there's nothing we can do to change them.

The advent of better and more affordable internet connectivity finally allows us to reach more people without travelling, and to convert our material for online use.

What We Started

We found an exercise on starting an online business. This has revolutionized our lives, it has galvanized us into focused action. There was nothing new or revolutionary in the exercise, it was the dual focus on simplicity and action - immediate action.

Our Goal

The goal is only 4 words. "Grow LADD Internationally Together! There are 3 key words in that statement - Grow, Internationally, and Together. Everything we do is to make those three words become a living reality.

That goal is kind of fuzzy, there is no definition in the statement. That is a very important part of the planning process, without it nothing else can happen.


2015 Goals

We then gave the goal some definition. After much back and forth, and discussion and debate, we came up with this: "1 000 Courses by the end of December 2015!"

In the exercise the facilitators talked about having "pee in your pants" goals. Selling 83.3 courses each month for 12 consecutive months is just such a goal. That's huge, but achievable.

Our Actions

By the end of the afternoon we had three - just three categories of actions, each with only three actions. Nice and simple.

These are:

  • Marketing
    • Increase our audience
    • Create content and social media
    • Drive sales
  • Products and Services
    • Package and repackage our content
    • Refine our client handling systems
    • Develop procedures and systems to support the above
  • Procedures
    • Ramp up the goals
    • Create a daily action plan
    • Do our admin daily

For the last 3 days that is what we have been doing. Focusing only on doing what we have planned to do. To change something requires a lot of thought and discussion - we don't just do it willy-nilly like we used to. Getting distracted is a great ADHD trait insn't it?

Here's an example of our new ways. This morning Pat drew up a whole plan of what we are going to blog about, create documents, etc. These are all excellent ideas and they will be done. Just not now.

We have some tasks that have deadlines of 6pm Sunday evening. We will be hard pushed to meet all the deadlines, so anything new has to stand in line - no matter how enticing or benefical it may be.

Just a point on doing this blog. It may seem as if we doing exactly what I have just said we are not doing - being distracted from the task at hand.

Writing it down in this form actually develops understanding of what and how we are achieving. This blog is actually for us, but we are sharing it with others because it is relevant, and quite simply, because we want to and we can! I won't be spending much time on spelling and grammar checks, so please live with those that slip past the cursory scan I do.

So when you do your planning, it is helpful for focusing on action to write down your progress.

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