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"I love the smell of opportunity in the morning" is how one of my entrepreneurial sons updated his Facebook status. Sadly I have Anosmia and can't smell but I know exactly what he means.

When you are feeling positive and have a goal for your personal life or business, more opportunities seem to present themselves. Yet the opposite is also true. When we are drifting along and doing whatever pops up, we miss the great opportunities that are right in front of our noses. Taking advantage of opportunities is a double edged sword for ADDers (those who have ADHD).

Particularly if you are the hyperactive type, you are flitting from one opportunity to the next without doing any thinking or planning as to whether the opportunity is real or just another great movie in your head. If you are the inattentive type you frequently suffer from inertia. Your brain is working at the speed of light but you simply can't motivate yourself to get going with anything.

Mind mappingI used to be the queen of business ideas. Ideas that popped into my head at 3am would be fully fledged businesses by 6am. Anything else I was doing would be sidelined as I researched for hours all the ways that this new idea would earn me a fortune and I would be the next Oprah. One of my craziest ideas was to start a Garden Gnome manufacturing business. Only I saw the opportunity as a good one - can't imagine why, can you?

Through the Living ADDVenture® ADHD Coaching programme I have learned that my head is a wonderful space but not always to be believed. I now get the ideas out and down on paper as a rough mind map (just keyword blobs) or into my Memo app on my phone.

Once I have done that I am usually able to go back to sleep and wake up with a clear head. I can now look at what I have written with a different and more realistic perspective. Is it really an opportunity worth pursuing, how does it fit into our joint goal that Dave and I have set, should it go onto the back-burner for another day, or does it belong in the trash can?

Only when you have a clear goal can you make right decisions about opportunities that present themselves.

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