10 tips for an ADHD-friendly Christmas

However much we may look forward to Christmas, it can also be a stressful time for those with ADHD. We get easily overwhelmed with all the gifts to be bought and the catering to be organised, especially if we are hosting Christmas dinner.

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Overcoming ADHD Boredom

We ADDers (those who have ADHD) have a tendency towards great plans but poor follow through. Our creative minds go in all directions and we honestly believe that we will carry through on our wonderful intentions. But as we progress in a particular endeavour, along comes one of our most debilitating characteristics – boredom! And when we feel bored about doing (or completing) a particular task, its friend, procrastination, follows right behind.

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Streamline Your Kitchen

In this second article on organising your home, I focus on food preparation and kitchen storage. The key word in the kitchen is SIMPLICITY.

Reduce the clutter

Kitchen cupboards quickly become highly cluttered repositories of unused items. Overstuffed cupboards and drawers are an ADDer's nightmare, especially when we need to prepare meals and school lunches in a rush. How many extra Tupperware lids do you have?

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The Heart of The Home

 My series on how to simplify how we use our homes starts with the ‘heart of the home’, the kitchen and its dining area.  Not all kitchens are big enough to include a dining room table, but many have some form of dining area, such as a breakfast nook, or else the kitchen flows into the dining room, especially in more open plan homes.  The heart of the home is where the majority of family time and activities takes place. 

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Keep It Simple When You Have ADHD

In this increasingly complex world of ours, where we all have succumbed to a lesser or greater degree of materialism (i.e. acquiring things), ‘keeping it simple’ is not so easy to do. But, for us ADDers, making our lives simpler is probably one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.

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Manage the Morning Madness

I don’t know about you but if any of you are like me, and typical of ADD-ers (those who have ADHD), mornings are my biggest challenge.  I am groggy and half-comatose for at least the first hour after I get up. To be ready and out of the door in a reasonable time, let alone on time, is a big ask.  Poor time management is one of our defining ADD features. We tend to lose track of time and find it hard to estimate how long a task will take.

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