What Happens When Your Plans Go Awry?

This is the 20th post in our Living ADDventure® Goal Setting and Planning lessons series for 2015. February disappeared and we have already said goodbye to the first week of March. Scary stuff.

Even non-ADHD people struggle to keep to their New Year resolutions so we are quite chuffed that we are plodding away far more methodically than we have done in the past. It is slowly starting to pay dividends in terms of business coming in and raising our profile both locally and internationally. Success does really breed success.

However when your plans are thwarted by events outside your control it is easy to lose heart and give up.

A silly thing happened this week and I was torn between feelings of sympathy for my domestic, and frustration at my carefully set goal for the day. This event is not relevant to our business but is illustrative of what does happen in business as well.

kitchen messWe have a domestic cleaner who comes in every second Wednesday for a few hours to give the house a good clean. I decided that the kitchen needed a good scrub and de-clutter. Amazing how your stuff grows to fill the cupboards and drawers.

Thandeka arrived punctually as usual but instead of being her usual cheerful self she was distraught. Her elderly mother had been admitted to hospital and had her foot amputated as a consequence of diabetes. She was desperate for money to make the journey to see her so had come to work. Her taxi fares are R50 and she was in no state to work. If only she had messaged me I could have made a plan to transfer the funds to her and .... I would have been able to plan my day differently.

Instead of being able to be totally sympathetic I was inwardly seething (not very charitable I know) that my carefully set goal for the day was not going be met.

It is hard to set goals and stick to them but we also need to learn that life happens. Frequently we get so hyped up by our plans that when we are let down we let rip and totally over-react.

It is how we choose to react to those let downs that gets us through another day.

In the grand scheme of things a messy kitchen is not the end of the world is it?