As a child my most favourite books were Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree series. The Faraway Tree was located in an enchanted forest and had branches that reached up to the clouds and the tree trunk was wide enough for small houses to be built into it. At the top of the tree was a ladder which took you to a magical land. Travelling to those magical lands were so exciting and so much nicer than doing my homework or household chores.

ADDers (those who have ADHD) often get into trouble for dreaming. We don't pay attention because we are in our own world far away. We get accused of being unrealistic and frequently told that what we dream is possible is totally not possible and that we need to come back to earth and be sensible.

Richard Branson is an example of someone who dreams huge dreams. His Virgin Galactic Commercial Airline dream is becoming a reality. Elon Musk a former South African is one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs. He is CEO of SpaceX and has built rockets, electric cars and was a co-founder of PayPal. He never stops dreaming up new ideas. Of course not all dreams turn into successful projects. They, just like all other entrepreneurs have had their share of disasters and failures. But it doesn't stop them from dreaming.


You do not become successful if you don't dream.

If you want your life to be more successful, happier, wealthier, more interesting than it was last year, you need to dream big as you start to plan.

This is not the time to listen to negative people who tell you what is not possible. Take yourself off to a quiet place with a notebook and pen or if you are doing it as a couple use a flip chart and note down each idea as it comes to mind. It might take you a day or two or three.

If you are doing it together there are a couple of rules: (yes I know ADDers hate rules)

  • Give each person the opportunity to talk.
  • You have 2 ears and 1 mouth - use them in that proportion is a lesson I have had to learn.
  • Do NOT interrupt.
  • Do NOT make fun of the other person's dreams.

 As a couple this is a very important exercise. Even if you don't work together you need to have mutually agreed dreams and goals that you can work towards as a family. You might even want to include your children. Their childlike enthusiasm that hasn't been killed may well produce golden nuggets.

Let the dreams simmer for a day or two and then get together again and discuss the dreams in more detail. Listen to what your partner has to say. Are his/her comments valid? How can you tweak the dreams to reach common ground?

Don't rush the process. Climb your own Magic Faraway Tree.

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