This post in our Goal Setting and Planning Lessons series is about decluttering and assessing your website.

Over the past decade our website, which is the largest ADHD website in Africa, has gone through many changes. Technology has changed, our focus on how we follow our ADHD passion has changed. In business and technology the current buzz term is having an "agile business". Businesses need to continually evolve to keep up with technology and satisfy their customers whose attention span (even if they don't have ADHD) is decreasing at a rapid rate.

E-mail, Social Media, increasing demands from employers, partners, children etc have left us with little time to actually read slowly and absorb long articles. Instant gratification rules.

Having said that, we have noticed that visitors to our website also hyper-focus as many ADDers do. Our Google Analytics tells us that visitors will visit up to 30 pages on the site and on average spend 5 minutes per visit. ADDers are frequently so desperate for help and to find out that they are not the only ones who are battling, they will devour the information like hungry puppies.

One of the interesting paradoxes of ADHD. Lack of focus when we are not interested and hyper-focus when we are.

(are you still with me?) If you haven't checked out yet, thank you.

Today we spent the morning going through our website with a fine toothcomb and seeing how it matched up to our Goals for 2015 which are:

  •  to grow Living ADDventure® internationally
  •  to sign up 1000 online ADHD training course users.

We had to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What articles have been of greatest interest?
  • What can we discard?
  • What features should we add or remove?
  • How can we improve the navigation so that our visitors can quickly and easily find their way around the site?
  • How can we serve our audience better?

By going through this process we are able to de-clutter the site and in the process refine our plan to reach our goals.

How we did this:

  1. So we could both see what was going on, we set up our data projector and projected the Site Map for www.ladd.co.za onto the wall.
  2. We looked at each entry and decided whether it was relevant and it if was in the right category or if it should be re-located.
  3. We created a Google Spreadsheet that is accessible to both of us where we have laid out which categories we need and what should go where.
  4. Implementing this process has been added to our Trello Living ADDventure® Board with projected completion dates to keep us motivated and on track.
  5. Dave will do the design of the front page and do the pretty stuff and I will do the technical implementation so that we each work to our strengths.

We will be updating our articles if necessary to give a fresh perspective. Each article will also have a call to action which will help us to reach our goal. The navigation of the site is being improved so you can find what you are looking for more quickly.

This process has really helped us focus more on our goals and strengthened our partnership. We now discuss every step of the processes that we need to do and have defined our roles better.

If you have a company website, this is a good time to do the same. Let us know how it goes.

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