Last week Dave and I launched our 2 new websites and told you about re-branding Living ADDventure® and why we are no longer using the LADD abbreviation. In case you missed it, you can read all about it here.

This is a vital part of our Goal Setting and Planning for 2015 as our goal is to reach a worldwide ADHD audience.

We dedicated January to the creation of the new websites which was a massive task and we burned the midnight oil, when ESKOM let us have power to run our computers.

Our new Home Page has been simplified and clearly states what we do and how we do it. This was a serious omission on our previous sites.

The second thing we focused on was building our online Social Media presence particularly on Facebook and Twitter and just a little bit of extra effort has yielded really pleasing results.

Dave and I also did an online Teaching with Moodle MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Moodle is the platform we have selected to use for our Online Training Courses. It is used globally by many universities, corporates and teaching institutions who offer online training. Just by doing this course we have already been able to make many improvements on the new Online Training site compared with our previous one.

To encourage people to try out online training we have made available the whole of Module 1 of our ADHD Parenting Course free of charge. This module provides an introduction to ADHD.

The creation of landing pages on the new website was something we have also more attention to. A landing page is a page on your website where visitors are given a call to action. This can be an invitation to:

  • Subscribe to newsletters
  • Start a free trial (as with our online training course)
  • Download a product, an e-book etc
  • Respond to a survey.

So what is on our to do list for February?

  • Segmenting our database
    • We have a database of 4500 subscribers which we have accumulated over many years. It has been roughly segmented into Parents, Teachers, Adults with ADHD, and Medical Professionals but quite frankly it has got into a bit of a mess and we have been sending general newsletters rather than targeting specific interest groups.
    • Our mailing system is very sophisticated and allows us to see exactly who opens our newsletters, at what time and what links they click on. It is time to use this valuable information to segment our database properly and send very targeted newsletters which we will use to turn our readers into paying clients … this is after all what business is about.
  • Continue to Increase our Social Media Audience
    • While we will continue to grow our audience on Facebook and Twitter, this month we will add LinkedIn where we already have a presence but it is very small. LinkedIn is a powerful Business Social Media platform for business and when you realise that between 7 and 10% of any workplace has ADHD, it is important to tap into this resource.
  • Content Sharing
    • We have masses of hugely valuable content that we have given a facelift when we transferred it from the old site to the new. We will be re-sharing this content as well as creating new content on a regular basis.

We hope that you are finding value in these posts and that they inspire you to grow your own business or help you in your job.

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