Stop dreaming and get it done

If we want to be successful and achieve our goals we need to not only dream about being successful but we need to methodically execute the dreams that we have written down as our Goals for 2015.

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Loadshedding Sucks ... don't whine, embrace the opportunities

Monday 12 January 2015 and most of South Africa returns to work. As industry starts up again, pressure on ESKOM, (our failing national electricity provider) mounts, and load shedding is going to be a feature of our daily lives.

We as consumers and business owners have no control over when our electricity will be shut off and for how long. So, there is no point in complaining about it. It is simply a waste of our time and energy and raises our blood pressure.

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When real life intrudes on our plans

OfMiceAndMenIn 1937 that great author John Steinbeck wrote in in his novel Of "Mice and Men" these two lines:

The best-laid plans of mice and men
Often go awry

Never has a truer thing been said about planning.

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Having patience ...

Business gurus talk about planning ahead for the next 3, 5 and sometimes even 10 years. ADHD brains do not compute time in the same way that non-ADHD brains do. Making assumptions and predictions longer than a few months into the future is very difficult for most of us.

This is incomprehensible to those who don't have ADHD and who meticulously plan their lives and businesses way into the future. I have friends who start buying Christmas presents in January and book their next annual holiday as they check out of their resorts. Christmas is 12 months away, I don't even know if I will be alive still and going on holiday to the same place year after year is just not my idea of fun.

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