The smell of opportunity

"I love the smell of opportunity in the morning" is how one of my entrepreneurial sons updated his Facebook status. Sadly I have Anosmia and can't smell but I know exactly what he means.

When you are feeling positive and have a goal for your personal life or business, more opportunities seem to present themselves. Yet the opposite is also true. When we are drifting along and doing whatever pops up, we miss the great opportunities that are right in front of our noses. Taking advantage of opportunities is a double edged sword for ADDers (those who have ADHD).

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Re-focusing our website as part of our goal setting for 2015

This post in our Goal Setting and Planning Lessons series is about decluttering and assessing your website.

Over the past decade our website, which is the largest ADHD website in Africa, has gone through many changes. Technology has changed, our focus on how we follow our ADHD passion has changed. In business and technology the current buzz term is having an "agile business". Businesses need to continually evolve to keep up with technology and satisfy their customers whose attention span (even if they don't have ADHD) is decreasing at a rapid rate.

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Being Understood and Agreement

TriangleOptical illusions illustrate the difference between reality and illusions - what the brain thinks it's seeing. Optical illusions may also create an illusion only - because they are actually impossible.

This triangle is a good illustration - what your eye and brain are seeing is impossible in reality. This triangle is a part of our logo - because I believe it shows how, as ADDers, we often get the wrong end of the stick. (ADDers are people who have ADHD)

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You are NOT the boss of me - Couples who work together

You are SO not the boss of me! A childish title for a what is a serious blog post series on planning our lives and business in 2015.

But, to be quite honest our behaviour yesterday was beyond childish. We could easily pretend it didn't happen and that everything is going according to plan and that we are two mature adults doing it all right. But we have made a commitment to share our successes and failures with you so that hopefully you learn a bit from us.

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