Have you ever wondered how many times you say the word ‟love” every day, or how many times you think the word, now add them together.
It is probably the most used word in the world, the most overused and even misused.
The first known usage of love occurred some 5 000 years ago when it was ‟leubh.” It started in Old English as ‟lufu.” Today there are many meanings to the word of love, from the platonic ‟deeply fond of,” to erotic sexual feelings.
I found this lovely descriptive quote by a mysterious author called H.W. It´s something you can teach children, and say to yourself everyday as you start the daily grind.
‟Love is a funny word. We use it so much that we seem to forget its meaning. We say we love objects, seasons, times of day, movies, TV shows, and everything. And we use this same word to describe people. We say we love our parents, our friends, our family.
It´s one of the most used words in the English language, but it remains special. Love is different like that.
You can use it to talk about anything, but when you find that one person that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, love is completely new.
And saying, ‟I love you” becomes the best sound you could ever say or hear. Love grows and changes with us, it is just as alive as those who use it. So love as much as you want! Because love will always find a way to be new.”
― H.W.
The first person we must love is ourselves. If you don´t love yourself, you can never love anyone else. Loving ourselves is difficult for ADDers, after all the world frequently proves that we are not lovable. We are failures, loud, introverted, rude, distant, distracted, hyperactive, clingy, negative - any other labels you want to add to the list?
Love is by it´s very nature affirming. When you are loved, you feel better about yourself just because someone loves you. When you love someone, the same things happens, you feel better because that someone encourages your love.
Love is an incredible motivator. When you love and are loved, you want to be the best thing that ever happened to both your lover and yourself.
Love in all it´s meanings is a verb. It becomes quite meaningless the third and fourth times you tell someone you them. For them to feel loved, they need to have love done to them.
This can be described as being your own hero. This assists you to do heroic love to the people you love, including yourself.
This is why Powerful Affirming Love is at the core of every one of the 8 tools in the ADHD Basic Treatment Wheel.
Without love, ADHD cannot flourish. In fact it is impossible to survive in the world, never mind thrive.
Visualise yourself being heroic in your loving actions. Picking a single flower to give to your love is heroic and affirming - anyone can flip the plastic and buy a bunch.
Writing a note describing how being loved by a lover is heroic and affirming.
When love is affirming, powerful forces are unleashed.