WWheelCoachJust before the first two digits changed from 19 to 20 when we wrote the date, the idea of ADHD coach came into being. I was extremely fortunate to be diagnosed at the same time and started my journey that has now well into its second decade.

ADHD Coaching has largely been recognized as a significant addition to the arsenal of therapies available to manage the condition. ADHD Coaching is fundamentally different to any other kind of coaching, such as life or executive coaching. It is exceedingly unlikely that an executive or life coach will make any difference in the short and medium term to the life of an ADDer.

ADHD Coaching is a family affair. The environment in which the ADDers are living needs to be changed; we are dominated by our environments. The environments include family, the physical bricks and mortar, school and all routines. You cannot work with an ADDer in isolation.

ADHD Coaching is directive, perfectly opposite to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
Living ADDventure® has developed close on 60 modules that we provide to the families and teachers so that each ADDer can adapt those into their lives and begin to reach their considerable potential.

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