ADHD is a family condition!

Treatment Wheel: FamilyIt's hereditary - 4 out 5 children diagnosed with ADHD have at least one parent with the condition
ADHD exists in families. It's pretty senseless to only treat the ADHD child when all the good treatment work is immediately being undone by untreated parents and other extended family care-givers. In more than 20 years of ADHD Coaching I have yet to deal with a family where only one family member has the condition.

Even in that one-in-five case where neither parent has it, the parents need to learn about the condition and how to create an ADHD-friendly environment in which the child can thrive
ADHD treatment has shown to be more effective when family is involved. In fact a study published in 2013 found that parent training was more effective than medication

And finally, people with ADHD have families, even if those families are not their biological families, they will live in some “family-like structure,” like a boarding school, or even an orphanage.
The points outlined above require that the treatment includes the family at the very least. The future for every single family member is so much brighter when the whole family gets involved.
There is no downside to learning how to run an ADHD family. The skills learnt in the family will stand everyone, ADDer and non-ADDer alike, in good stead.

Happy familyVirtually 10% of any population group will have ADHD. The group on the bus, the train or a car, the small company, the big company, the classroom, any group of people will have about 10% who are ADDers.

One of the most beneficial aspects of effective management of ADHD is understanding. Teachers and family members spend the most time with ADHD children, so it makes sense for them to be knowledgeable about how to treat ADHD. The Living ADDventure® Basic Treatment Wheel has 8 components, and four of them are applied within and by the family.

Those children whose parents only provide a mono-therapy that does not include the family are not doing the best for their children. I should emphasise here that ADHD cannot be treated effectively in the family alone. No mono-therapy provides optimum care and success.