WWheelMedMedication, especially the brand name Ritalin almost defined ADHD in the second half of the 20th century. People talked about using Ritalin, not having the condition. And it was controversial as well. ‟My child turned into a zombie,” was the most common one.

Until the overdue introduction of the long-acting variants children had to go up in front of the class and get their next dose from the teacher. The subsequent teasing and bullying suffered by those young ADDers was merciless and cruel.

It was also believed at the time that medication was the only treatment. The consequences of both the medicated and unmedicated children was left to psychologists to remedy - mostly unsuccessfully because the medicated children had no tools to improve their lot in life, and the unmedicated children drifted down into a life of misery, and even crime.

The point is that role of medication has been mostly misunderstood. Parents thought that like a cold, or depression, you took a pill, and all was fine thereafter. In the case of ADHD, a pill can´t help you make better decisions or choices. No pill can do that.

In my ADHD Basic Treatment Wheel medication is only 1 of 8 different therapies. But it has a vital role, it enables far better outcomes for the other seven.

In some cases, the younger the ADDer has the benefit of all 8 of the ADHD Basic Treatment Wheel components, the less likely they will use medication as an adult.