katerina holmesThe vast majority of children in the world will go through some form of schooling, whether it be a traditional school - or some adaptation - of the western world, a home school, or a third-world group of children under the proverbial tree near the village.

No matter what - or where that educational institution is, kids with ADHD will be in it. Some of the teachers will also have the condition.
ADHD traits and symptoms and their severity demand that ADHD children need to be taught differently. Interestingly, the differences in teaching methods don´t impact negatively on non-ADHD children, in fact it is usually beneficial for everyone except the genius-level children.

Like everyone else, the biggest behaviour that impacts students and teachers alike is distraction - especially if the ADHD-child is compelled to tell someone else about the distraction.

This section provides the basis for the Teachers Training course that will be available from the end of 2023. In the mean time there are lots of tools in this section.