HelloWorldFor an awfully long time due to an awfully flawed set of beliefs, it was believed that 12 boys to one girl was the correct ratio. That has changed and continues to change as there is better knowledge and more people are tested in more countries.

The change in knowledge concerned the fact that ADHD happens along a continuum, from the physically hyperactive at one end, to the less restless at the other end. Between the ends is a giant bell curve of what are called the Combined Presentation, and comprise some 80% of all ADDers.

Significantly, females quietly dominate the Inattentive type, with males loudly dominating the Hyperactive Presentation. Because the females are quiet and don´t interrupt the class or home life too much, they are missed, and continue into adulthood untreated, with all the consequences that go with non-treatment.

The medical treatment is pretty much the same for all people who have ADHD, but the coaching is definitely different. ADHD absolutely affects women with the condition in different ways to men, even those who have the Hyperactive Presentation.

This is a very important section of the work that Living ADDventure® does, the backlog demands of it everyone involved in working with this complex condition.