studyskills1A couple of weeks before exams start, we get frantic calls from parents for help to teach their children study skills. Sadly this is too late. Your children are anxious about the upcoming exams and trying to teach them new skills at this time is counter productive.

Due to our distraction, one of the key characteristics of ADHD, we do not learn basic life skills like how to study, make decisions, set goals and manage our time. Our brains work differently and we often struggle to comprehend concepts that seem to be so much easier for those who don’t have ADHD.

We frequently don’t know why we are learning something and because we don’t “get it” we either give up or try to learn by rote to get through the exams. For example, I am still trying to fathom out why I had to learn Algebra and Trigonometry. Because I didn’t understand what I was learning, I learned parrot fashion in order to pass my matric exams. When faced with one of the exam papers my mind went blank and I got “0” because I couldn’t work through the problems as I didn’t understand the questions.

Of course each one of us is unique and not all ADDers struggle with maths or reading or time management and you don’t have to be an ADDer to have a learning disability.

To help pre teens and teens learn to study more effectively (whether they have ADHD or not), to understand why they are studying and how to use technology effectively, Dave has developed a 9 module Study Skills Workshop for Grades 6 - 9 and, Grades 10 to 12 and those in first year college.

An important component of this course is that we involve the parents. They attend the final 1 ½ hours (without the youngsters) and we share what we have taught them and how they can help them stay motivated and implement what they have learned.

This course is held over 2 mornings with the Parents session at the end. From past experience we have found that trying to cram it into one day is too much and the youngsters do not absorb all the content.

Study Skills Course Content

Module 1: Change and What You Need To Change

Module 2: Choices and Decisions

Module 3: The Right Attitude

Module 4: Making Knowledge

Module 5: Technology That Works

Module 6: Journey to Understanding

Module 7: The Physical Learning Environment

Module 8: Managing Time - All The Time

Module 9: Planning for Spontaneity

Give your pre-teens and teens the right start in 2016. Give them the confidence to face the new school year with enthusiasm and the necessary tools to be able to study effectively.

KZN: We will run this course in Bothas Hill during January 2016. There will be separate courses for the 2 age groups. The cost for this course is R700 per person and includes 2 mornings of lectures, the parents session, refreshments, notes etc.

Cape Town: Shannon Pluke who runs Parenting Groups in Cape Town is helping us to organise a venue to run the course there. Details and cost to follow.

Gauteng: We are planning this course for the senior age group at a venue in Broederstroom in January 2016. It will be a one night camp out and will include a river rafting event on the afternoon of the first day. The parents can book a river rafting trip on the morning of the 2nd day before attending the Parents session at the close of the course. Details and cost to follow.

Other venues: If you or your school would like to host us to run this course in your town, please e-mail Pat

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