Support Group Leader Training

The Living ADDventure® ADHD Parent Training Course should be run by enthusiastic and willing group leaders.

Group Leader training undeniably enhances the group learning and outcomes. Living ADDventure® offers a short foundation course for aspirant group leaders to provide principle-led structure and presenting confidence in the beginning. It also saves having to unlearn and correct wrong practices that may creep in due to inexperience.

This short course is currently done over ZOOM.

The course covers the following topics:

  • The Living ADDventure® Methodology
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Commitment to the groups and the program
  • The different types of support groups and how they operate
  • The coaching aspects of running ADHD support groups
  • Effective communication within groups
  • Guidelines for running a group
  • Different ways of using the Living ADDventure® material

This course is best done individually as it enables all the questions to be asked and answered – this of course is not always possible when more than one person attends at the same time.

It also enables the group leader to build a good relationship with me that gives the group leader much needed confidence.