12WeekproglThis ADHD training program was created so that almost anyone can run an ADHD Support Group. ADHD is a complex condition that is mired in  needless controversy, and therefore requires solid, tried and tested information. This program sets out to do just that.

This program provides solid information, and is packed with practical tools that each attendee can apply into their own situations. It is unique in this regard.

Although the title says it is aimed at parents, teachers will also benefit enormously from the program as the material is sufficiently generic to be applied into any classroom.

Teachers can of course, run this program in their schools for parents of ADHD children – it is a very powerful tool when used like that.

This program has been designed so that it can be run by almost anyone with an interest in ADHD – there are many options in how it is presented.

NOTE: This package is only available in Southern Africa due to shipping costs. We invite you to do our online ADHD Parenting Course


  • One DVD with 12 video modules (details below)
  • A second DVD with the weekly handouts for group members in pdf format that you can print and use in as many groups as you wish.
  • Lots of useful documents created by Living ADDventure® to assist parents and teachers are included. A variety of fun and inspirational video clips add value to your groups and teacher sessions.
  • 2 A-4 size files with comprehensive documentation. One file contains the Group leader instructions and notes, while the second file contains supporting documents.
  • Support via WhatsApp Video Call, Skype, ZOOM, e-mail and phone.


  1. What ADHD is and isn't
  2. The Diagnostic Process
  3. The Co-Occurring Conditions
  4. The Living ADDventure® Treatment Wheel
  5. Dealing With Co-Dependency
  6. The Toughest Job In The World – Parenting ADHD Children
  7. The Role Of The Family - Part 1
  8. The Role Of The Family - Part 2
  9. Inspiring Powerful Attitude
  10. Failing For Success
  11. ADHD Communication
  12. Creating Consistent Structure In The ADHD Life


The program can be presented in the following ways, and even in ways that we have not yet thought of.

The Living ADDventure® Support Group Program is most effective when the following guidelines are followed:

  • Optimal group size is 8 people. This enables maximum benefit in terms of discussion, sharing and group member support.More than 12 and the effectiveness for everyone becomes remarkably reduced. Less than 4 people and the group loses a lot of dynamism and variety of input, also reducing effectivesness.
  • The group leader needs to be accommodating in terms of regular attendance. Some of the best results have been when the course takes longer than 12 weeks.
  • For example, a group that took a leisurely 7 months had excellent results. NB: Results are not just reliant on time taken, another Leader ran her groups over 6 weeks, doing 2 modules per session and reported excellent results as well.
  • The group leader is able to run more than one course at the same time.  You can theoretically run 12 groups a week, one in the morning for 6 days a week, and one in the evening for 5 days week, and one on Saturday afternoons. Some people can only attend at certain times of the day. We have found school holidays to be poorly attended.
  • It is not a good idea to have both parents in the samegroup. This destroys the effectiveness of the group, as neither partner can be natural and open. Also if there is tension between them, that impacts the entire group negatively.
  • Varying degrees of bonding within the group occur, and this remains long after the group has finished the formal phase. This provides great opportunities for get togethers and even large meetings with multiple group members.


First Presentation Option:

  • Play the video to the group – each is approximately 15 minutes
  • The leader then leads discussion on the material – leader notes and guides are supplied.

Second Presentation Option:

  • Do a round-robin opening discussion on the previous week's learning and/or any major issues in members lives. These are almost invariably related to ADHD, and so are relevant
  • Play the video to the group
  • Discussion on the material
  • Closing round-robin discussion on the week ahead

Third Presentation Option:

  • Do a round-robin opening discussion on the previous week's learning
  • The group leader presents the material without the video, the comprehensive notes provide support for this
  • Closing round-robin discussion on the week ahead


The cost of this program is only R3900 including shipping within Southern Africa

Please contact dave@livingaddventure.com