Written by Dave Pughe-Parry Dave Pughe-Parry
Last Updated: 30 January 2020 30 January 2020

TalkAudienceAttending an ADHD talk is usually the breakthrough for many people who live with and alongside ADHD.

This is where a new and positive journey begins, for the whole family.

We need to remember that teachers get no training on how to handle ADHD in the classroom.

Unless a parent has been previously exposed to proper ADHD practice, the ADHD talk will get them going in the right direction.

The talks provide a clear perspective of what ADHD is, and busts a whole lot of the myths that swirl destructively around the condition.

I offer a unique option. I do a talk to the parents, followed by a talk to the teachers. This is either preceded - or followed by the short talk to the students.

This provides a “turbo-boost” of information to most of the people in the school, and removes nearly all the opportunities for bullying, and negative class management.

It frequently brings teachers and parents together, which is so often an adversarial relationship - all because the teacher believes the child’s behaviour is aimed at her personally, and/or that the child is badly parented.

The Living ADDventure® ADHD talk is the first step on a long journey as you manage the condition. Managing the condition effectively is the most we can aim for, and hope for.

Contact me here and provide details of what you would like, and let’s give the ADHD ball some momentum!